Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Chapter 2 Transformation from Leigh to Bodhi

Insanity sometimes can be becoming someone else and all the while the trick is knowing that you have become someone else.

How does the Witch Leigh become bodhi the vampire is the question well step 1 . Leigh dies step 2. Leigh Still Walks. Step 3. Nobody Notices.

She follows them all everywhere they went across Imparla and only split up from them at the most vital moment in the crypts where she was sure she can become the villan she knows she could be.

With all of the undead dead vampires about as dosile as they are she sees the possiblities are limitless as she spent most of the trip at night overlooking Kris looking through the pages of the Elvish Spell book.

You can learn a lot from pictures and hidden deep within the crypts of Imparla was sure to be some of the images burned on her memory.

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