Monday, 19 September 2016

Bodhi's New Lair

  1. She quickly learns from the other vampires who congregate around her now that there is a driving force behind them Bodie takes control of them and must now do two things to become a up and coming villain.

    1. 1.    Take control of the Bandits in the Village Forrest. These are Fae’s Immortal enemies and are made up of mostly disgruntled magic users from her prior engagement with the Red Wizards of the Elven Lands And,
    2. 2.    Find the portal to the Elvish Forest Moon Called Ama’rath where she will start her onslaught on Elves and Humanity. The planet is from the Spellbook and she knows from the surroundings where the Portal is located.

    She is at a huge advantage once she makes it to there potential base of operations of the dark moon because of the fact that is harder to breath there and its dark and mysterious which will add to the others never finding out she has returned to life.
    The only disadvantage Bodhi now has is that Fae escaped and there was little to no way of her doing anything about it having not possessed a body at the time of her captivity.

    Fae can cast Simulacrum which is an illusion to make an exact copy of the Witch with all of her powers and the ability to cast all of them without loosing energy or life, if attacked this could prove invaluable to her when facing magic users within the bandits ranks. 
    Also to her main enemy Bodhi which she has no knowledge of the current events that have transpired elsewhere.

    This and the Staff will prove invaluable to her when facing the Wyvern Wraith.
    Suddenly back on the road after helping the Witches channel the Spellbook without any results Fae sees what looks like a slightly larger framed man approaching.

    “Hi, Fae.” Said Tobias.

    “Hello Tobias.” Said Fae reluctantly.

    Mitchell Smiles Intently.

    “How did you escape?” Said Fae.

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