Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Latest Story Line Continues....

The Government of the day only make them walk the planq on the plantation deep in the mountain so they are in every way positioned to smoke as much as they can until insanity takes them, instead of going crazy elven pirates get locked on the path on Imparla when they reach their sain barriers. A truly sad fate, well deserved though some would argue.

The worst thing about elven pirates is that elves didn’t get caught very often so there arn’t many that go crazy.

They are not dirty because they don’t have to work hard for their gold in that they don’t have to rob and pillage because of the port at Shaan and the close proximity of the other side where they base their operations, the main reason for this is that Elven Pirates don’t have to worry as much about the long drop because there’s no sudden stop at the end of a rope they just get dropped into what they hold dear and like doing so the punishment doesn’t really fit the crime.

Secretly the Government need the pirates to stay close because they need them in the crypts to keep the population control under control, after all they are all immortals who live for ever. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Like the monopoly man playing with everybody’s sanity looking at them through his spectacle.
Ellen walked over the glass sculpture and can look at those who are frozen and motionless in time through her glass spectacle and they would suddenly be filled with movement and life again until Ellen moved the spectacle away from them again only to return to their frozen state.
She could do this anywhere on the sculptures path and on Imparla they would go into a frenzy when unfrozen through no fault of Ellen’s and only having themselves to blame for breaching their own sanity barriers.

This is a excerpt from Elven Magic Book 3 Witch Wraith.