Monday, 24 August 2015

Elven Magic: Excelsius Nahn

Fae must construct the frost staff from the wisps at the spot where the wraiths become wraiths and to do that she must first visit the three witches at the incline to zine.
Zine is a small town near the Village that consists mainly of thieves and pirates nestled on the ravine on the path and the long way to the other end of the crypts which you reach through the crypts by entering the magical doorway lock with the branch of a dryad or a tree nymph. 

Fae and I went the long way this time to reach zine through the portal following the wisps to see where they go exactly and whether its near windy woods which indeed it was Fae and I find our way to the incline to zine and take a look at the goings on’s of the witch’s cottage from a distant outlook using an old fashioned looking glass.

Fae and I first looked through the looking glass to see closer to the house then made their way to the window and looked through, the witch noticed them looking at her and yelled out to come in because she was in a precarious situation where she was channeling her crystal ball with the other three witches all just keeping the mortal out of the elemental world called Imparla, they were indeed having trouble doing this and needed to keep channeling.

The Three Witches  had little time to defend their small quaint little cottage. We could see that the witches indeed needed our help and we went inside.