Monday, 8 June 2015

Excerpt from Elven Magic Book 3 Witch Wraith

Excerpt from Elven Magic Book 3 Witch Wraith...

The wraith horse just stands near the totem and stairs at us as though we were the enemy, but it doesn’t move accept a few steps every now and then and it just seemed like a horse really.
The sunlight starts to move closer and closer past us then toward the horse and every second that passes and eventually reaches the horse then eventually the Elementals and as darkness settles we all decide to move on.
Fae takes note of the fact that the horse didn’t seem at all hostile and didn’t seem to be under control of some evil force like the Wyvern does as it was so quick to attack.
Fae would have rather the witch Sienna wasn’t under control of undead though, but doesn’t really know whether Sienna was or not and was in no hurry to find out.
Sienna was not there but can’t have been too far away because of her horse.
Fae decided they wouldn’t wait around for Sienna to return to her steed, the party all moved over the next hill following the dirt track to the Crypt which was in the side of a mountain.
Fae deceptively leaves a spy to preview Sienna’s return, one of the crew agrees to this named Sy.
Sy quickly hides himself in the bushes near the horse and totem until Sienna returns.

Sienna slowly walks up to the horse because of her old elvish cladding and armour she still wore even after all these years and it looked lopped sided on her bones which were similar to that of the Wyvern wraith’s bones covered in a blue electrified glow and black charred from the dirt from all of those years ago.

Monday, 1 June 2015

The Story Continues...

Fae notices small wisps coming from the window as she finds her way back to the Tower and they are heading in the direction of the portal over the sea.

Fae realises that the wisps are indeed heading for the general area where the wraiths became wraiths in the direction of Windy Woods they look like frost and are furry to touch and the magic in them disperses when touched, she knows this because of the many books she has studied about magic.

Fae now knows she must first get Mitchell and return to where the wraiths became wraiths and hopefully if the rumours are true she will be able  to make a frost staff with the left over power mixed with the cold from Windy Woods on the ground.

Fae knows she needs to follow the Wisps back through the portal and to where the wraiths became wraiths.