Monday, 24 August 2015

Elven Magic: Excelsius Nahn

Fae must construct the frost staff from the wisps at the spot where the wraiths become wraiths and to do that she must first visit the three witches at the incline to zine.
Zine is a small town near the Village that consists mainly of thieves and pirates nestled on the ravine on the path and the long way to the other end of the crypts which you reach through the crypts by entering the magical doorway lock with the branch of a dryad or a tree nymph. 

Fae and I went the long way this time to reach zine through the portal following the wisps to see where they go exactly and whether its near windy woods which indeed it was Fae and I find our way to the incline to zine and take a look at the goings on’s of the witch’s cottage from a distant outlook using an old fashioned looking glass.

Fae and I first looked through the looking glass to see closer to the house then made their way to the window and looked through, the witch noticed them looking at her and yelled out to come in because she was in a precarious situation where she was channeling her crystal ball with the other three witches all just keeping the mortal out of the elemental world called Imparla, they were indeed having trouble doing this and needed to keep channeling.

The Three Witches  had little time to defend their small quaint little cottage. We could see that the witches indeed needed our help and we went inside.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Book 4 Excelsius Nahn

Excerpt from Book 4 Excelsius Nahn...

Fae knows she needs to follow the Wisps back through the portal and to where the wraiths became wraiths.

Fae tells Mitchell that she struck a deal with one of the pirates in the cove bay to have a meeting with the Pirate King Vincent Von Kee and that she must now meet him at the secret door passage in the crypts near Ellen’s Tower and from there they will get the needed muscle they need to defeat the wraith or at least injure it for when Ellen arrives from Excelsius Nahn with the army of Elvish Soldiers.

Her angle is that if the wyvern wraith is injured then the Elvish King and Emporer will look apon her differently possibly favorably then if she was only to be an escapee.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Excerpt from Elven Magic Book 3 Witch Wraith

Excerpt from Elven Magic Book 3 Witch Wraith...

The wraith horse just stands near the totem and stairs at us as though we were the enemy, but it doesn’t move accept a few steps every now and then and it just seemed like a horse really.
The sunlight starts to move closer and closer past us then toward the horse and every second that passes and eventually reaches the horse then eventually the Elementals and as darkness settles we all decide to move on.
Fae takes note of the fact that the horse didn’t seem at all hostile and didn’t seem to be under control of some evil force like the Wyvern does as it was so quick to attack.
Fae would have rather the witch Sienna wasn’t under control of undead though, but doesn’t really know whether Sienna was or not and was in no hurry to find out.
Sienna was not there but can’t have been too far away because of her horse.
Fae decided they wouldn’t wait around for Sienna to return to her steed, the party all moved over the next hill following the dirt track to the Crypt which was in the side of a mountain.
Fae deceptively leaves a spy to preview Sienna’s return, one of the crew agrees to this named Sy.
Sy quickly hides himself in the bushes near the horse and totem until Sienna returns.

Sienna slowly walks up to the horse because of her old elvish cladding and armour she still wore even after all these years and it looked lopped sided on her bones which were similar to that of the Wyvern wraith’s bones covered in a blue electrified glow and black charred from the dirt from all of those years ago.

Monday, 1 June 2015

The Story Continues...

Fae notices small wisps coming from the window as she finds her way back to the Tower and they are heading in the direction of the portal over the sea.

Fae realises that the wisps are indeed heading for the general area where the wraiths became wraiths in the direction of Windy Woods they look like frost and are furry to touch and the magic in them disperses when touched, she knows this because of the many books she has studied about magic.

Fae now knows she must first get Mitchell and return to where the wraiths became wraiths and hopefully if the rumours are true she will be able  to make a frost staff with the left over power mixed with the cold from Windy Woods on the ground.

Fae knows she needs to follow the Wisps back through the portal and to where the wraiths became wraiths.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Latest Story Line Continues....

The Government of the day only make them walk the planq on the plantation deep in the mountain so they are in every way positioned to smoke as much as they can until insanity takes them, instead of going crazy elven pirates get locked on the path on Imparla when they reach their sain barriers. A truly sad fate, well deserved though some would argue.

The worst thing about elven pirates is that elves didn’t get caught very often so there arn’t many that go crazy.

They are not dirty because they don’t have to work hard for their gold in that they don’t have to rob and pillage because of the port at Shaan and the close proximity of the other side where they base their operations, the main reason for this is that Elven Pirates don’t have to worry as much about the long drop because there’s no sudden stop at the end of a rope they just get dropped into what they hold dear and like doing so the punishment doesn’t really fit the crime.

Secretly the Government need the pirates to stay close because they need them in the crypts to keep the population control under control, after all they are all immortals who live for ever.