Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Book 4 Excelsius Nahn

Excerpt from Book 4 Excelsius Nahn...

Fae knows she needs to follow the Wisps back through the portal and to where the wraiths became wraiths.

Fae tells Mitchell that she struck a deal with one of the pirates in the cove bay to have a meeting with the Pirate King Vincent Von Kee and that she must now meet him at the secret door passage in the crypts near Ellen’s Tower and from there they will get the needed muscle they need to defeat the wraith or at least injure it for when Ellen arrives from Excelsius Nahn with the army of Elvish Soldiers.

Her angle is that if the wyvern wraith is injured then the Elvish King and Emporer will look apon her differently possibly favorably then if she was only to be an escapee.