Monday, 19 September 2016

Chapter 2 Transformation from Leigh to Bodhi

The magic imbued on some of the alters within the crypt is surely enough to bring an old Witch back to life all she needs to do is find a vampire weak enough and get him to lie on the altar which is sure to be an easy task for a mind bending Witch and all of her days of mind control of Mitchell.

Although the Vampires are all very stong of body they were no match for the old Witches mind.

Leigh then gets the idea that she wont just take another body but this time she will make it an elvish vampire which there is sure to be from a traveller from the Village the Witch Wraith Sienna come from.

The alters with magic are all a misty white colour and remind Leigh of what she knows of the Sculpture back at Ellens Tower having only been there fleetingly. The Path they follow is also covered in misty white fog.

Leigh having only been a ghost for now is not able to do anything to the sculpture accept walk around the path having no effect on it at all.

Leigh works better on her own and notices a few vampires deep within the crypts and begins to follow them through the windy passages.

She learns that she can actually slightly control what they do just by issuing commands with her mind which is a gift she will need when they come across an altar, which there are many of down there in the crypts.

Leigh finds it very easy to overcome the elvish vampire and she does exactly whats required for Leigh to finally become Bodhi the Elvish Vampire Witch Queen.

Leigh overcomes the Elvish Vampire with a Magical Altar in combination with her mind control powers from being a human Witch for 38 years and alive for almost double that time she has learnt how to control weaker minds with her own thoughts.
The Alter is not as obviously magical as most would expect it to look but Leigh has a keen eye for things with magical properties.

There is a flash of light from the alter which slightly chars their skin and suddenly Bodhi feels everything around her once more and returns to life as full bodied and as much Leigh as possible and now as part of her disguise leaves her name behind never to be uttered again. 

She is now Bodhi the Vampiress Queen.

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